Wednesday, 30 May 2012


  • ·         Papaya face pack.

Good for all age groups. Helps in treating pimples, blemishes sunburn etc. mix half cup of papaya with some milk and apply on face and neck. Keep it for 15-20 mins and then was.




  • ·         Grape face pack.

Grind some grapes preferably black grapes in the mixer you can also add honey to it apply on face and neck wash after 15 mins. Vry suitable for oily skin. Gives a nice glow and helps in tightening pores.


  • ·         Strawberry face pack.

Beneficial for oily as well as dry skin. Mix some strawberries , you can also add cream to it. Apply for 15 mins and wash it off.


  • ·         Tomato face pack.

Helps in enhancing the tone of skin. Take some juice of tomato apply n wash off after 15 mins. You can also add few drops of lemon juice to it.


  • ·         Cucumber pack.

Make some pieces of cucumber add water n sugar syrup and mix in a mixer. Apply and wash after 15 mins with lukewarm water.


  • ·         Watermelon mask.

Helps in prevention of skin from sunburns. Mix some gram flour ti melon juice apply and wash after 20 mins with lukewarm water.


Important points to note-


  • ·         While making fruit pack take ripe fruits only.

  • ·         Don’t leave the pack for more than 15-20 mins as it will make the skin stretchy and dry.

  • ·         Apply a good lotion everytime after use for maintaining moisture.

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