Sunday, 27 February 2011


Vaseline petroleum  jelly is been used by people since years for healing chapped lips, dry skin etc..
Vaseline lip care is used by many people and had been liked by many women & girls.. here comes a new lip care style by Vaseline :-  “Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost.”

What is it ?

It is a lip care product which gives soft pink rosy tint & glossy look to the lips.
It keeps lips moisture for 24 hrs.
It comes in a small red squeeze tube.

Price :- Rs. 60 for 9 g.

Color :-

Swatch of Vaseline lip care.

When applied to lips it gives soft pink tinted & glossy appearance to the lips.
It provides a cooling sensation to lips and keeps it moisturized for hours.

Usage :- apply it on lips every 3-4 hrs or whenever required.

Pros :-

It is really very affordable.
I like its color.
Keeps lips moisturized for hours.
Gives a very light pretty rosy tint to the lips.
Gives a cooling sensation to the lips.
Contains cocoa butter.
Has a slant tip hence very easy in applying.
Its smells good.

Cons :-

It does not moisturize lips for 24 hours as it is written in carton.
The color is not long lasting. It just fades away after some time.
It do not stay on lips for long, while eating or drinking anything its gone.

Will I repurchase it ?

Well it is really & inexpensive. I like the color & texture of the product very much. Comfortable in handling . so I'll go for it again.

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