Monday, 21 February 2011

Lakme Eye Artist

Eyes are the most beautiful feature of a woman..they are even expressive when words are silent...well there are many poets who elaborated about beauty of the eyes in their work....
For enhancing eye's beauty we use many products such as liquid eyeliners,  eye pencils, eye shadows, maskara etc etc etc...
Like many girls m also an eyeliner fan and love to apply it whenever I get a chance.
Here i am reviewing about "LAKME EYE ARTIST " which i bought 2 weeks back.. It is a liquid liner filled in a pen.

PRICE:- Rs. 375 for 1.2 ml .

Outline, define and intensify your eyes in one easy stroke. Bring out the artist in you. Create wings or bold, structured eyes.
It comes in black shade.

It has a sketchpen type of tip (but a little longer and softer) through which you can just give any kind of dramatic or simple look to your eyes..its very easy to apply & take a few seconds to dry. By using this eye artist pen you can actually become an artist and give style lines to your eyes you ever wanted. It can't be smudged like the eye pencils. The liner glides on the eyes smoothly without making any sort of fuss..It is waterproof and its colour remains constant till 4-5 hrs.
For people whose hand shakes while applying a liquid liner this eye artist pen is the best product for them.

Pros :-
  • Very easy to handle.
  • You can give any kind of dramatic or simple look.
  • Take only few seconds to dry.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to remove.

Cons :-
  • A bit pricey for the quantity given.
  • Its colour starts fading after 4-5 hrs.
  • The tip gets dry soon so its better to keep it upside down for preventing the tip from drying. 
YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!! 

Ratings :- 4.5 / 5

Give a try to Lakme Eye Artist pen and easily give your eyes the look you want.

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