Monday, 28 February 2011


What is it ?

It is a night cream enriched with pure lemon essence, natural peeling fruit extracts, & long dan extracts which works at your skin during night making it fairer, clearer, brighter & full of life.

It is available in 50 g & 18 g pack. I bought the 18 g pack which cost Rs. 89.

Why to use Garnier light overnight peeling fairness cream ?

Away from external aggression, night is the ideal time to reinforce whitening action. This cream has special natural micro peeling fruit extracts that help peel away dark cells and lighten skin while we sleep.

How does it work ?
  • Peels off dullness, intensive exfoliating action help removing dark cells.
  • Reduces dark spots & further skin darkening.
  • Its melting texture moisturizes & nourishes your skin overnight, leaving it smooth with a satin finish.
  • Skin look visibly fairer in  28 days, dark spots reduce.

Active ingredients :-

Pure lemon essence & natural peeling fruit extracts to help provide an intensive exfoliation over the night.

Long dan extract associated to vit. CG to help reduce melanin production i.e responsible for skin darkening.

Usage :-
Apply a dollop every night on cleansed skin.

My experience :-

I have an oily skin so I usually prefer a non-greasy cream for myself.
Only thing I can say after using is “I LOVE IT”.
It does work on dark spots & makes my skin look & feel better. After applying it  does not give an oily look to my skin. However it takes a bit of time to get absorbed & during that time my skin looks a bit shiny. Well this goes within few seconds leaving my skin look brighter, soft & supple.
It has a mild peeling action on skin not like the harsh peeling chemicals. I used it for a month & my skin appears with a healthy glow & is brighter than before.

Ratings :- 5 / 5

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