Monday, 28 February 2011


What is it ?

It is a night cream enriched with pure lemon essence, natural peeling fruit extracts, & long dan extracts which works at your skin during night making it fairer, clearer, brighter & full of life.

It is available in 50 g & 18 g pack. I bought the 18 g pack which cost Rs. 89.

Why to use Garnier light overnight peeling fairness cream ?

Away from external aggression, night is the ideal time to reinforce whitening action. This cream has special natural micro peeling fruit extracts that help peel away dark cells and lighten skin while we sleep.

How does it work ?
  • Peels off dullness, intensive exfoliating action help removing dark cells.
  • Reduces dark spots & further skin darkening.
  • Its melting texture moisturizes & nourishes your skin overnight, leaving it smooth with a satin finish.
  • Skin look visibly fairer in  28 days, dark spots reduce.

Active ingredients :-

Pure lemon essence & natural peeling fruit extracts to help provide an intensive exfoliation over the night.

Long dan extract associated to vit. CG to help reduce melanin production i.e responsible for skin darkening.

Usage :-
Apply a dollop every night on cleansed skin.

My experience :-

I have an oily skin so I usually prefer a non-greasy cream for myself.
Only thing I can say after using is “I LOVE IT”.
It does work on dark spots & makes my skin look & feel better. After applying it  does not give an oily look to my skin. However it takes a bit of time to get absorbed & during that time my skin looks a bit shiny. Well this goes within few seconds leaving my skin look brighter, soft & supple.
It has a mild peeling action on skin not like the harsh peeling chemicals. I used it for a month & my skin appears with a healthy glow & is brighter than before.

Ratings :- 5 / 5

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Vaseline petroleum  jelly is been used by people since years for healing chapped lips, dry skin etc..
Vaseline lip care is used by many people and had been liked by many women & girls.. here comes a new lip care style by Vaseline :-  “Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost.”

What is it ?

It is a lip care product which gives soft pink rosy tint & glossy look to the lips.
It keeps lips moisture for 24 hrs.
It comes in a small red squeeze tube.

Price :- Rs. 60 for 9 g.

Color :-

Swatch of Vaseline lip care.

When applied to lips it gives soft pink tinted & glossy appearance to the lips.
It provides a cooling sensation to lips and keeps it moisturized for hours.

Usage :- apply it on lips every 3-4 hrs or whenever required.

Pros :-

It is really very affordable.
I like its color.
Keeps lips moisturized for hours.
Gives a very light pretty rosy tint to the lips.
Gives a cooling sensation to the lips.
Contains cocoa butter.
Has a slant tip hence very easy in applying.
Its smells good.

Cons :-

It does not moisturize lips for 24 hours as it is written in carton.
The color is not long lasting. It just fades away after some time.
It do not stay on lips for long, while eating or drinking anything its gone.

Will I repurchase it ?

Well it is really & inexpensive. I like the color & texture of the product very much. Comfortable in handling . so I'll go for it again.

Friday, 25 February 2011


This facial foam cleanses skin, brightens it & prevents melanin production that causes skin darkening.

Result is a visibly brighter radiant skin. It deep cleanses, whitens & blocks melanin production.

It is enriched with minerals, milk enzymes, aloe vera gel.
This facial foam gently eliminates excess sebum, dirt and impurities as well as makeup residues that cause dullness & dry skin, revealing refreshingly brighter & glowing skin.

PRICE :- Rs. 95 for 50 g

Active ingredients :-

Milk enzymes.
Aloevera gel.

Usage :-
Apply on moistened skin in circular movements on face. Rinse.
Use it twice a day for luminous brighter skin. Follow it up by skin whitening & brightening gel crème or microemulsion.

  • The packaging is classy and travel friendly.
  •  I really like the active ingredients present in this product.
  •  It does not dry my skin & make me run for a moisturizer.
  •  My skin feels soft & hydrated after using it.
  •  Price is affordable.
  •  It does not contain any harmful or harsh chemicals.

  • The only thing I didn’t like that is does not foam much after applying on face. Even after taking it in large amount it didn’t work out the way I wanted.

Ratings :-
3.5 / 5 


Why scrubbing is necessary ?

Dead skin cells,  blackheads & whiteheads on skin blocks pores enhances bacterial proliferation & results in acne, pimples and dull lifeless skin. Regular scrubbing exfoliates dead skin cells & blackheads renews skin & make it soft & smooth.

Oatmeal & yogurt skin whitening scrub exfoliates the skin gently, removes dirt, impurities, blackheads & whiteheads leaving skin whiter, brighter & healthier with a shining glow.

Gentle exfoliating action works on skin discoloration, dull & uneven skintones & softens the skin giving it a firm texture.

PRICE  :- Rs. 145 for 100 g

Active ingredients  :-

Oatmeal :- it exfoliates gently, restores natural moisture balance of skin.

Yogurt :- moisturizes & lightens the skin reducing imperfections giving silky, smooth & brighter skin.

Usage :- take a small amount of scrub gently apply on moistened skin with brisk circular movements on face & neck. Rinse thoroughly & pat dry. For best results use it twice or thrice a week. Skin becomes luminous and brighter.

I love this scrub !!! 

Will I repurchase it ?
Yes !

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Whiteglow skin whitening and brightening gel crème is a breakthrough from lotus herbals that lightens, brightens & whitens your skin. This is the first time I am giving a try to the LOTUS HERBALS products. 
The whiteglow range seemed really fascinating to me I decided to buy it. The white packaging is very classy & the best part is it is herbal & without any harsh chemicals.

This is a revolutionary fairness solution that incorporates the advantages of a gel & a crème. It is a technologically advanced formulation that provides triple action on skin :- lightening, brightening, whitening with the help of rare fruit & proven plant extracts that penetrate deep down in skin providing enduring actions. Gives a flawless radiant skin. It is free from harsh chemicals.

Advantages :-
  • Spreads easily on your skin.
  • Advanced formula allows for better delivery of active ingredients.
  • Good for all skin types including oily & combination skin.
  • It contains SPF25 / PA+++

Price :- Rs.260 for 60 gm.

Key ingredients and their work :-
  • Grape extract :-

Exfoliator – helps active ingredients to penetrate in skin.

  • Mulberry extract :-

Tyrosinase inhibitor.

  • Milk enzyme :-

Blocks melanin pathways.

  • Saxifrage extract :-

Free radical scavenger & tyrosinase inhibitor.

Action on skin :-

Lightens :-
By reducing uneven pigmentation.

Whitens :-
Fair skin by reducing dark spots.

Brightens :-
Enhances skin’s radiance naturally.

Visibly fairer skin in just 7 days.

Usage :- apply a dollop of the crème all over face and neck after cleansing every morning and evening.

The best part after use of this gel crème is it gets easily absorbed and is very light.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Himalaya Under Eye Cream

Eye contour is a very delicate area because the skin here is very thin and is not well endowed by oil glands like the rest of the body.

Causes of dark circles are :- lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, aging, sunburn etc.. 

With passage of time there is development of wrinkles and fine lines below eyes, which can make people look older before age..Well my sleepless nights during my exams initiated me to buy it.

What is Himalaya Under Eye Cream :- It is an under eye cream which is specially formulated with herbal ingredients for protecting and treating the delicate under eye area from dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. It creamy texture which gets absorbed easily by soft gentle massaging.

What does it contain ?
  •         Cipadessa baccifera. Common name: Ranabili • hindi: Nalbila.      Family: Meliaceae (Neem family)

  •         Bergenia ligulata  belongs to family Saxifragaceae
  •        Triticum vulgare or wheat germ oil which contains vit E that smoothens, brightens the eye contour.

 Benefits :-
  • It brightens & smoothens under eye area.
  • 80% reduction in dark cirles in just 4 weeks.
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Usage :-

Gently massage into the delicate area beneath eyes after cleansing. Use twice 

daily .

It is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Price :- Rs. 150 for 15 ml.

Will i repurchase it ?



5 / 5

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


What is this ?
It is a night cream with the goodness of strawberry, kiwi & passion fruit which is designed to moisturize, relax and give essential requirements to the tired skin during its beauty sleep.J J
It comes in a cute deep pink colored packaging.
The cream is light pink in color with a sweet berry smell.

Price :- Rs. 125  for 50 gm.

Qualities of the key contents :-

  • Rich in vit C.
  • Keeps skin well hydrated.
  • conditions and makes the skin glow.

Kiwi :-
  • Rich in vit C, E & A  keeps the skin calm, has anti aging properties. 
  • Makes skin soft.

Passion fruit :-
  • Contains vit C.
  •  polyphenols in them acts as an antioxidant.
  •  Moisturizes & conditions skin.

Vit E and antioxidants helps clear away signs of tired dull skin infusing moisture in your skin.

Usage :-  Apply a dollop of this cream daily at bed time on your cleansed face and neck for smooth, supple, moisturized skin.

  • I like the packaging. 
  • The smell is mild and good.
  •  Price is affordable.

  • I have an oily skin & it becomes more oily even after applying a small quantity of this cream. My face looks a bit shiny after using it.
  •  It has no effects on dark spots.
  •  I used this cream for 1 month but did’nt find any good results.

Maybe girls with a dry or normal skin will get more beneficial effects.

Will I repurchase it?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Lakme Eye Artist

Eyes are the most beautiful feature of a woman..they are even expressive when words are silent...well there are many poets who elaborated about beauty of the eyes in their work....
For enhancing eye's beauty we use many products such as liquid eyeliners,  eye pencils, eye shadows, maskara etc etc etc...
Like many girls m also an eyeliner fan and love to apply it whenever I get a chance.
Here i am reviewing about "LAKME EYE ARTIST " which i bought 2 weeks back.. It is a liquid liner filled in a pen.

PRICE:- Rs. 375 for 1.2 ml .

Outline, define and intensify your eyes in one easy stroke. Bring out the artist in you. Create wings or bold, structured eyes.
It comes in black shade.

It has a sketchpen type of tip (but a little longer and softer) through which you can just give any kind of dramatic or simple look to your eyes..its very easy to apply & take a few seconds to dry. By using this eye artist pen you can actually become an artist and give style lines to your eyes you ever wanted. It can't be smudged like the eye pencils. The liner glides on the eyes smoothly without making any sort of fuss..It is waterproof and its colour remains constant till 4-5 hrs.
For people whose hand shakes while applying a liquid liner this eye artist pen is the best product for them.

Pros :-
  • Very easy to handle.
  • You can give any kind of dramatic or simple look.
  • Take only few seconds to dry.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to remove.

Cons :-
  • A bit pricey for the quantity given.
  • Its colour starts fading after 4-5 hrs.
  • The tip gets dry soon so its better to keep it upside down for preventing the tip from drying. 
YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!! 

Ratings :- 4.5 / 5

Give a try to Lakme Eye Artist pen and easily give your eyes the look you want.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Fruits are a very good source of vitamins and minerals. They also acts as antioxidants preventing free radical damage in our body.
they are a rich source of dietary fibre which keeps body healthy and light..
besides its advantages for good health they also act as a saviour for our skin..the vitamins present in them shows miraculous results to the skin.

Here are some fruits and there benefits for a beautiful, glowing, soft, supple, fresh and healthy skin:-

1. Strawberry :-

  • It has vit C in enormous also has high water content which results in the moisturising of the skin.
  • It even comprises of carbohydrates protiens and fats. it is a great antioxidant and contains dietary fibre..
  • Eat few strawberries daily for good health and glowing skin.    
  • For topical application just mash few strawberries and rub it all over your face and neck , leave it for 15 mins and rinse it off... your skin will appear really smooth, supple and glowing.Dead skin cells gets exfoliated by this act.
  •  These are very useful for the treatment of acne.
  • For swollen eyes just cut a slice of strawberry and keep it under the eye.
  • Half cup of strawberry with a tbspn of sour cream conditions and tones up the skin.
  • It is very beneficial for oily skin. 

2.  Tomato :-

  • Lycopene is the most powerful antioxidant in the carotenoid family.
  • Vit C and E present in this fruit helps in protecting free radical damage in the body.
  • It has cooling and soothing effect on skin.
  • Tomatoes act as a natural astringent.
  • Helps in preventing and curing acne.
  • It also reduces the size of the pores.
  • Reduces blemishes.
  • Bring out a marked glow.
  • Usage:- massage your skin with fresh tomato juice or directly rub face with a tomato slice leave for 15 min and then rinse. skin becomes toned soft smooth and fresh.
  • Reduces excess oil.  
  • It also lightens the complexion.

3.  Lemon :-

lemon is a fruit which is found in each n everyone's kitchen..besides giving flavour to food it also enhances the skin's beauty and add a remarkable glow to it.
  • Lemon is a very good source of vit c. squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and drink it for a good skin and healthy body.
  •  Cut a  lemon and apply its juice on ur face directly or after mixing it with rose water for instant freshness and glow.
  • People with dry skin should mix lemon juice with milk cream apply on face and leave for 15 mins then massage and rinse it for a soft fair skin. One with dry skin should not use lemon juice directly on face otherwise it will make ur skin more dry.
  • Lemon has some peeling effects so it can prove beneficial for blemishes and dark spots.
  •  It controls oil and reduces acne as well as tightens pores.
  •  In winter mix  rose water and glycerin in equal quantities and add some amount of lemon juice to it use this lotion everyday for soft smooth and glowing skin.
  • Lemon juice lightens skin colour and is been used as a key ingredient in many skin products.
4.  Papaya :-

Papaya is rich in papain enzyme and vit A. It also contains lycopene.
  • It can be used for the mild exfoliation of skin.
  • For a fresh glowing skin apply mashed papaya with 3-4 tbspns of aloevera gel all over your body leave it for just 5 mins and rinse it.  Discover a beautiful and soft skin.
  •  For blemishes just mash a piece of papaya and massage it all over ur face leave for 10 mins and rinse it.
  • Papaya is also useful in skin whitening. It makes skin soft, supple and glowing.
  • It is beneficial in the reducing acne.

5.  Orange :-

Oranges are citrus fruits. like lemon and tomatoes they are also rich in vit C. this sweet and tangy fruit is not only good in taste but also makes dull lifeless skin glow with health.
  • Take 1 piece of orange mash it and rub it all over your face avoiding delicate areas of eye. Leave for 10 mins and wash it your skin will glow and look really fresh.
  • It controls oil, reduces blemishes and acne and shrinks pores.
  • Dry orange peels in sun for some days  and then make a powder of them by grinding it. apply this powder in the form of a paste with water or milk. you can also use ti as a body scrub.
  • Apply fresh orange peel on clean face for refreshing your skin.
  • Use this awesome fruit both for eating and applying on your face & neck for a healthy body and a healthy glowing rejuvenated skin.
Remember besides applying fruits for a beautiful skin adequate fruit diet and lots of water is also essential.
So, all the beautiful ladies and charming girls stay happy, keep smiling and keep radiating…. J J J J                               


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lakme Fruit Blast Berrylicious Scrub Mask.

Lakme launched its new product LAKME FRUIT BLAST BERRYLICIOUS SCRUB MASK in the year 2010...
For all the people exposed to dirt and pollution in their everyday life and wants a smooth, rejuvenated and supple skin without much loss of  time, this 2 in 1 scrub mask can be a very good option for them.
This scrub mask comes in an easy squeeze tube, very comfortable in handling..

Price:- Rs.150 for a 50 gms tube.

It has a pink creamy texture with minute granules and a fruity berry smell which rejuvenate your senses..

key contents are as follows :-

  • Clay and minerals that cleanses and detoxifies the skin.
  • Oats and wax beads that scrubs away deep down impurities..oat protiens are a natural beauty enhancer that soothe and heals the skin.they soften the skin making it silky smooth :) 
  • Figs have high water content and are ideal for skin improvement, also clears acne and blemishes problem. make the skin unbelievably soft and nourished.
  • Raspberry extracts are a very good source of vit.C. It nourishes the skin and present a remarkable glow on it.
Usage :- Wash your face and apply considerable amount of scrub mask with the help of your finger tips on your wet face. Leave it for 15 mins then massage in circular direction avoiding eye area for 2 mins then rinse it. Discover a smooth, supple, revitalized and fresh looking skin in no time. You can use it twice or thrice a week.

PROS :- 

  • It comes in an easy squeeze tube. thus is travel friendly.
  • Its smell is rejuvenating.
  • Less time consuming. Goodness of a face mask and scrub all included in one.
  • Best suited for normal to oily skin.
  • Helps in clearing blemishes and acne.
  • Moisturises skin make it soft and radiant.
  • Price is affordable.

CONS :- I did'nt find any negative points yet...:D

Definitely YES !!!

Apply LAKME FRUIT BLAST BERRYLICIOUS SCRUB MASK  for a clean, nourished, soft and radiant skin.